professional dispatch

Radio Designed

Radio technology provides instant communication at the push of a button, this feature is key when controlling and coordinating workgroups.

Radio systems include in their designs a base station and/or dispatch center, as a centralized way of manage and control communications

The MDC2000 was designed by Land Mobile Radio Users, for Land Mobile Radio Users, with the purpose of providing a better experience on managing people, fleets and day-to-day situations

radio designed

Expandable Screens

Manage the operation in a professional way with several screens, so you don’t miss anything

nt screen expan1
nt screen expan2
nt screen expan3

Customizable Look

Adapt the dispatch console to your personal preferences

nt screen expan4

Expression Dark

nt screen expan5

MT Blue

nt screen expan6

Office Silver

Centralize Audio

Capable of receive & record audio SIMULTANEOUSLY on four channels, plus a private call

nt screen expan7


Managing mobile workers has proven to be very easy with NexusTalk's Dispatch Console

nt screen expan8
NT text dispatch2
dispatch texto1
dispatch texto2
dispatch texto3
dispatch texto4