The World's best professional Push-to-Talk solution

NexusTalk represents the evolution of radio communication, enhancing the PTT Experience by providing instant voice communication without boundaries across any broadband network on any type of device

NexusTalk is an application that runs over internet, with the same basic Push-to-Talk concepts used by traditional Land Mobile Radios, exploiting the benefits of the current mobile technology, providing the users an incredible PTT Experience

Users can make the same calls performed with traditional LMR systems like one-to-many, and one-to-one; but when using the latest in mobile technology, the flexibility to adapt to the user needs grows exponentially, providing standard features that before were unthinkable or very expensive

NexusTalk was designed by radio communication experts for radio communication users, with a complete understanding of the ecosystem and the needs in the field

The world is changing and so does radio communication, contact us for a demo

Futureproof Radio Communication System


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