Real-Time Push-to-Talk over Internet (Cellular/Wi-Fi)


Enhanced Group calls

There are several types of group calls available on the NexusTalk platform: Default group, Radio Channel, Broadcast Call, Private Group and Ad-hoc group call.

A cost-effective, more flexible solution than Private and Public Radio Solutions


Lightning fast sub-500ms session set up

The industry's lowest latency & bandwidth

Low power comsumption

Instant conference calls

Real-time presence showing availability of each user

Creation and management of user-owned groups


Real-Time instant messaging with any member or group

Real-time text messaging with any individual or group in the contact list of the user

Message during voice conversations

Allows a workforce to transmite short, text-bases messages between any fixed (BC-based) or mobile users.

PTT texto1
PTT texto2
PTT texto3
PTT texto4
PTT texto5
PTT texto6
PTT texto7
PTT texto8