Real-Time Push-to-Talk over Cellular and Broadband

Push-to-Talk consists of instant voice communications with individuals as well as large groups of participants in one call.

Users can make private one-to- one calls or broadcast to a large group with a single push of a button.

Online presence updates include online, offline, do-not- disturb, page-me, as well as ad-hoc group calls.

PTT calls have worldwide coverage over IP networks (cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN and others), and our application is agnostic to mobile carriers.

Private and Large Group calls

There are several types of sessions, including private and group sessions. The latter includes conference and chat rooms (radio groups), default, ad-hoc and personal groups, as well as priority alert (SOS) sessions.

A cost-effective, more flexible solution than Private and Public Radio Solutions


Lightning fast sub-500ms session set up

The industry's lowest latency & bandwidth

Low power comsumption

Instant conference calls

Real-time presence showing availability of each user

Creation and management of user-owned groups


Call Set up latency of less than 0.5 sec