Supports a Full Duplex call for emergency situations

With a dedicated SOS button on devices

Push-to-Alert allows enterprise users at risk to send a notification from their devices to control rooms and dispatchers by pressing an SOS button.

Whenever the dedicated SOS button is clicked, a notification is sent to NexusTalk’s PTT server and from there it is forwarded to the control rooms. All steps in delivery, approval and treatment are monitored and recorded for later debriefing.

Once the emergency alert notification is received by the platform:

  1. All interested parties are alerted in real time
  2. The dispatch consoles receive up- to- date location information
  3. The voice recording system turns on automatically
  4. Ambient listening is turned on upon dispatcher’s request
  5. The dispatcher traces the event until closure
  6. The system logs the entire emergency session

Combined with Push to Locate to provide automatic location information

Instantly notifies an organization's supervisor should any field worker require assistance


  • Permanent connection to reduce alert notification times
  • Instant talk and full duplex communication in case of emergency
  • Used with Push-to-Locate to provide automatic location information
  • Allows configuration for immediate recording through the PC Dispatcher console